Marijuana stocks to invest in

Canadian cannabis sector is one of the hottest growing sectors in the US and Canada. If you are interested in making an investment, it could be a lucrative segment to enter. The legalization movement all over the globe has made the cannabis investment to creep into the space and get a broader place in the mind of the investors to become a part of the emerging market seeking to establish a space in the eyes of public. The legalization of drug for recreational use was done by Canadian government in October 2018 and since then, there have been progressions made in the cannabis ventures seeking capital from the investors.

There have been a lot of gains made from the cannabis stocks in the previous year and the credit goes to the government for making the weed legalized for adult and medical use. The stocks are listed on various stock exchanges and even the OTC boards. You can keep up with major deals in marijuana sector and learn to get through the industrial risks to buy the stocks. Many new companies in the US and Canadian sector are progressing with penny stocks and creating their own moves in getting the best benefits of the growing business.

Here, we have mentioned some of the cannabis stocks on the TSX. These stocks are having a good position and there could be better chances of growth for the stocks in the cannabis segment with these stocks.

Aurora Cannabis (ACB)

Aurora Cannabis is a Canadian company having headquarters in Edmonton. At present, the company has 8 production facilities and 5 sales licenses with its operations in 18 countries. The stocks are priced at $10.37 and there is a probability to grow with the legalized cannabis production in Canada and various regions of the United States. The company is working on the development of the new facilities which would make the company to supply recreational and medical cannabis with supreme quality.

CannTrust Holdings (TRST.TO)

CannTrust Holdings Inc. works in the production and distribution of the pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis products in Canada. The headquarters are located in Vaughan, Canada and the company began its operations in 2015. The company has an association with Gold Coast University Hospital. The stock prices are around $11.15 and the company is focusing well for its medical cannabis production.

Cronos Group (CRON.TO)

Cronos was the first Canadian cannabis company which made its stock available for the investors in the United States on their major stock exchange NASDAQ. The stock is also available on TSE for investors. The company has entered the US market with the legalization of stock in various important US states. The company secured critical supply agreements for adult-use of cannabis with various important companies. The stock price has already reached $29.15 which was to a level of $7 in August 2018. The company has higher projections and the strong business policies which could lead it towards a growth in the coming times.

HEXO Corporation (HEXO)

The company HEXO is based in Gatineau, Canada and works in production, marketing and selling of cannabis in Canada. The company offers dried cannabis, cannabis oil and powder products under many product names. HEXO stocks have a great scope to grow with the growth of cannabis sector in the US and Canadian regions.